Nashville is one of my favorite cities. Beautiful, clean, exciting…..yet the best part of Nashville are the honky tonks and juke joints on Broadway street. So as an aveilis I had to forgo the fun and music this trip.
I davened at Congregation Sherith Israel. Sherith Israel is a century-old Orthodox synagogue with a rich history.
Sherith Israel is also home of the famous Klezmer Kidz, which started as a pick-up group and has developed into a renowned band. Their cd, Nashville Katzen is great.
Klezmer 2
Nice story for my minyan in Nashville….. I arrived for the 6:30 am morning minyan at Sherith Israel with only another 8 minyanaires. We waited til 6:45 and still no 10th, so one of the men sitting next to me started dialing rapidly on his cell. I detected his “yankee” accent, he was no local yocal. Apparently and lucky for me there was a financial conference in town. He introduced himself and told me he is a Managing Director at Credit Suisse and that in fact there were a lot of “londsman” in town from New York for this particular conference. So what does my new friend do….he begins dialing room numbers at the hotel until he successfully wakes up one of the attendees he knows who agrees to run down the street to make our minyan.

Couple thoughts about early morning davening…. I’m an early riser and actually enjoy heading to minyan at the crack of dawn. At that part of the morning its just me and the moon, quiet and peaceful. The sun is just beginning to peek through. Truth be told, I enjoy being up at this hour. You get a different perspective on things just before dawn. When Maia and I first met in Israel in 1978 we took a trip with some friends down to the Sinai. We camped out at the base of one of the mountains. We awoke about 3:30 am and began our slow climb to the top of the mountain. We arrived at the mountain peak just as the sun began to rise over the desert. I stopped, put on my tefillin and davened. That sight and feelings of davening at that hour and that place resulted in a lifelong memory.

Here is a picture taken at sunrise from Mt. Santa Catarina