This week finds me for a day in Louisville ( home of one of the coolest corporate home office buildings…where you find the world’s largest baseball bat !)

Louisville Sluggers

If you’re a lifelong baseball fan…. second to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (which is hallowed ground for me ) the Louisville Slugger Museum is a place you don’t want to miss.

I davened at Congregation Anshei Sfard. Anshei Sfard is a nice, small shul located outside of Downtown Louisville and is the only active orthodox shul in the state of Kentucky.
Congregation Anschei Sfard2

Although Purim is generally one of the happiest chagim of the year, it’s always a bit sad for me, as it arrives during the Yahrtzeit of my father, Julien Labow z”l. For 25 years I’ve attended mincha services for Yahrtzeit, walking into the shul to see children in costumes joyously dancing around and carrying on, waiting for the megillah to be read. Once our kids grew up and we stopped bringing them to hear the megillah, I would instead daven mincha and leave before the megillah reading in order to avoid the fun and festivities that followed. I instead chose to wake up very early the next morning to hear the megillah at the crack of dawn, along with the small handful of minyanaires and spend quality time remembering my father who I miss so much, especially at Purim each year

In this year of saying kaddish for my mother, however, my father’s Yahrtzeit was a time of double sorrow. I find myself re-living not only his death but also my mother’s.

I felt extremely uncomfortable back in November while saying kaddish for both of them at Yizkor on Yom Kippur.

My feelings for kaddish this week are quite painful as I am not only saying it for my mother, but instead as an orphan mourning for both my parents.

Each year on my father’s Yahrzeit I also read a parashat of Torah, wherever I may be. Rabbi Litvin was kind enough to allow me to lein that morning at Anshei Sfard, in memory of my father. I have to admit my Torah reading was a bit rusty ( its been a year ) so I reached out to my tried and trusted software that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys reading Torah… Trope Trainer. Go to and try out this amazing software.