When I arrived in Grand Rapids today it was minus 34 degrees with wind chill factor.  Yet, you wouldn’t know how bitter cold it is when feeling the ultra-warm hospitality of Chabad of Western Michigan.
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Chabad of Western Michigan
With a population just shy of 200,000, Grand Rapids has only 2,200 Jews living in the city and outlining areas…..so the chances of daily minyans at the one orthodox synagogue are few and far between.
Nevertheless, leave it to Rabbi Yosef Weingarten to make it his mission today to guarantee me a mincha/maariv minyan….in his words: “even if I have to drag people from their warm, cozy homes to shlep to the Chabad House.”
Small world…. when I told Rabbi Weingarten I live in Highland Park, he smiled and told me to say hi to his “old neighbor”, Rabbi Yossi Schanowitz, who grew up with him in Brooklyn many moons ago.
with Rabbi Weingarten
Grand Rapids is also not far from the ballpark of my favorite minor league baseball team and without question the catchiest and classiest named team in baseball……..
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