( I’m an old Mott the Hoople fan )
On the way into Memphis for my quick day’s trip,  I realized my flight would arrive late so I placed a call to Esther Katz, one of the directors at Anshei Sphard Synagogue.  I told Esther that I had no idea how late my flight would arrive and is there any chance I might possibly find a late maariv minyan somewhere in Memphis. Esther simply said, in her typical Southern Hospitality way, “not to worry, just text my cell phone when you arrive and I will guarantee you there will be a minyan, regardless of how late you come in.  I’ll start making calls.”   Lo and behold, Esther put together a late minyan for me.  Amazing
The following morning I davened at Young Israel of Memphis
Young Israel of Memphis
Nothing more important in a beit midrash than a good foosball table
Young Israel of Memphis2
Mincha was at Baron Hirsch Synagogue.  Originally founded in 1847, the shul at one time was the largest Orthodox congregation in the United States.