Have to begin this entry by sharing an article from Tablet Magazine ( one of my favorite websites ) entitled, “Kaddish With a Dead Celebrity “
A couple weeks of R&R in our Aventura home brought me back to some of my favorite shuls and friends I have not seen since my mom passed away in June.
Young Israel of Hollywood is my select morning minyan each weekday.  It is probably the only shul I have ever been to that consistently has 40-50 minyanaires for the 6:15 am morning minyan each day.
Young Israel of Holllywood sign
This following picture is a bit dark, but I tried to capture the huge attendance this shul gets each morning at the crack of dawn.
Young Israel of Hollywood Shul
The legend of this infamous jacket below at Young Israel of Hollywood…..apparently some years back some of the old guard decided it wasn’t proper to daven for the amud without a jacket.  So they put together this crazy jacket that has been worn continuously for several years.  Each time someone wants to lead the davening, but came to shul on a hot Miami day in a golf shirt or t-shirt, they must wear this jacket.
Young Israel official davening jacket
My minchas and maarivs were split between Young Israel of North Miami and Young Israel of Aventura.  
Young Israel of North Miami is a warm, friendly shul with mostly an older group of daveners in a beautiful location.
Young Israel of North Miami
They have an electronic message board that is continually rolling important items about the weeks’ davening times, torah portions, etc..
and of course this important announcement ……
Young Israel of North Miami is led by Rabbi David Lehrfield, the brother of my Rabbi I grew up with back in Lincolnwood, Rabbi Joel Lehrfield ( whom I spoke about in one of my earlier blogs ).  Its kind of funny to watch this learned and scholarly older Rabbi pedal his way into the shul each day on his bike !  What’s also quite incredible is that Rabbi David has the absolute identical voice as Rabbi Joel.  I close my eyes during his drosh and I’m back in Lincolnwood.  Its great.
Rabbi Lehrfield
Finally, my “home” shul when not in Chicago and at home in Aventura is Young Israel of Aventura.  We have been members here for several years now and truly enjoy davening with my old friends each day when I’m in town.   Young Israel of Aventura is conveniently located in the Waterways Shopping Plaza, only a 10 minute walk from our home.
The old guard of this shul have been leading the davening for the several years we have been attending.  Its a wonderful group of folks.  A shul I’m always excited to return to when we head back down to Florida.
yi aventura