A couple quick day trips to Florida and California…but these day excursions seem to be the toughest when trying to schedule minyan times.
Luckily, once again and again and again….. Chabad to the rescue.  My meeting in Clearwater, Florida over Chanukah had me davening with my good friends at Young Israel/Chabad of Pinellas County.   The altacockers in this shul tell the best jokes imaginable.  You feel like your in one of the famous YouTubes “old Jews telling jokes”.  Except the jokes never stop, its a riot.
 Young Israel Chabad of Pinellas County
My next trip was a quick day to Los Angeles.    When I told my friend/business associate Dick Horowitz of my need for a crack of dawn minyan, he steered me to Aish Hatorah of Beverly Hills.  It was not the most exciting place to be at 5:45 am as you can see in the picture below.
However my mincha minyan was quite interesting as I found myself in “enemy territory” at Yeshiva University High Schools ( YULA ).
Each year that Yoni traveled to New York for the YU Basketball Tournament,  our Ida Crown Aces seemed to constantly get tuches’ kicked by YULA.   Must be something in the California air.   Yet, I enjoyed davening with the Yeshiva Bochurs in this friendly environment.