Its been suggested to me by many friends that I should talk about where I have been going for minyans when I’m home, in Chicago.
However, I would have to first mention the shul that my brother and I grew up in,  Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation.
Welcome to Lincolnwood Congregation
The members at LJC and especially Rabbi Lehrfield have been like an extended family to Larry and I throughout the years.  LJC was a major part of my mother’s life, especially since my father passed away, and I will always be forever grateful for the friendship and love everyone from LJC has shared with us these past few difficult months.
Davening in Chicagoland……
My morning minyans during the week ( except Sunday morning ) are at Moriah Congregation in Deerfield. I help to jump start that minyan at 6:30 each morning when I’m in town. Actuallly, I’ve been a part of this morning minyan for 25 years now ever since I began saying kaddish for my father Julien Labow (z”l).
Moriah morning minyanand Or Torah has the same 6:30 am minyan which I join each Sunday morning.
Or Torah minyan
The afternoon minyans for the spring and summer months are at Skokie Yeshiva.
Skokie Yeshiva
In the winter months, luckily for me, a new mincha minyan started just down the street from my office in Northbrook at Garden Fresh. We daven in the back of the store in Avi’s office.
Garden Fresh minyan
Maariv minyans are either at Darchei Noam in Northbrook
Darchei Noam minyan
or the Central Avenue Synagogue Chabad in Highland Park
Central Ave Synagogue Chabad
Chabad HPYet, the “lifesaver” of minyans for me has been Chesed L’Avroham on Devon. They have maariv minyans every 1/2 hour beginning at 7:00 pm up until 11:00 pm. This has been so helpful as I frequently have late/delayed flights back into O’Hare and find myself dashing to Devon for their late maariv minyan.
Chesed L'AvrohamFinally, I was hoping not to have to forego spending time at our Michigan home in Lakeside this year, so I was prepared to shlep the hour’s drive to Loop Synagogue downtown for minyans. Lo and behold, I discovered minyans in nearby Michiana, made up of families from Skokie….including some parents of Yoni’s friends from Ida Crown. Thank you to Keith and Sandy Kanter and Paul and Bethia Quintas for allowing me to join your friendly, hospitable group this past week !