This welcoming sign off the highway brought back some nice memories, as in 1996 I was one of the fencing officials at the Olympic Games that summer.   It was actually strange at that time seeing old competitors and rivals of mine from different countries, that I had competed with in my earlier years, had now become “altacockers” like me and relagated to officiating for their respective countries.  Funny how time flies.
I found Atlanta to be much like Denver, in that it has a thriving Jewish community with multiple options for minyans throughout the day and evening.

Toco Hills is the area with most minyans between the various shuls and kollels and was easy to accommodate.

My minyans were at the Kollel of Atlanta….
and Young Israel of Atlanta

Small Jewish world…..the person in the above picture, standing in
front of me on the left is Rabbi Hoff,  my son Yoni’s teacher from Ida Crown who
is now head of school of the Torah Day School in Atlanta.

However the most exciting part of my brief overnight trip was dinner !
Thanks to my friend Maynard Grossman and confirmed by his daughter Rachel ( who lives in Atlanta ), Atlanta prides itself in having one of the best kosher restaurants in the country. Fuego Mundo.  Fuego Mundo is the first kosher restaurant of its kind in the world where you can savor foods from the continents of South America, Central America and Spain.