Today would have been my parents’ 60th anniversary, so as one can imagine, my brother Larry and I are quite melancholic.
I decided to reminisce a bit and headed to Skokie. Our old house on Estes was down the block from Skokie Yeshiva where I happen to now go to daven my mincha minyans each afternoon.
I parked in front of our house and just took a stroll around the block. Past Fairview South, where Larry and I went to school. Past Hillel Torah where I used to play softball growing up with the Yeshiva Bochurs behind the school. Past Jack’s restaurant ( was originally called “Jake’s” for those who can remember ), where we used to have our sodas after playing ball all day at Laramie Park.
It was a pleasant, comfortable time just walking and thinking about my parents and the wonderful childhood they gave my brother and I growing up in this part of Skokie.