Have to take pause and thank Steve at Moriah for the following very useful website that gives a listing of shuls around the globe with minyan times.


Here is the smartphone site:


Every bit of information helps make my travels and davening challenges that much easier.

My next trip the following week was set for a meeting in Knoxville, Tn. Although U of Tennessee is situated in this city and there exists a Chabad of Knoxville, its still tough for them to have minyans each day. I spoke with Rabbi Wilhelm who was kind enough to try to gather 10 men for me. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful, so I had to instead fly into Chattanooga and drive 90 miles to my meeting in the morning, finish the meeting, then drive back to Chattanooga for maariv then flight home.

As it turned out, Chabad of Chattanooga was a very nice place to daven. Situated not far from downtown Chattanooga and where I stayed at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. Pictured below is Chabad of Chattanooga’s famous sukkah mobile !